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Equine Herpesvirus EHV-1 Alerts 

Please keep checking back, as we will be posting updates as we receive them.


There have been several cases of Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1) in horses from surrounding states that returned from the National Cutting Horse Association’s Western National Championships (NCHA) that was held at the Golden Spike Event Center in Ogden, Utah from April 29 to May 8th.

Confirmed and suspected cases have been found in Utah, Colorado, Idaho and other states. This disease is infectious and has resulted in some secondary cases. 

This is a severe, neurological strain of EHV-1. EHV-1 can cause a wide range of symptoms, from a complete lack of clinical signs to fever, nasal discharge, incoordination, hind-end weakness, lethargy, urine dribbling and diminished tail tone. It also can cause acute paralytic syndrome, which results in high mortality. The virus is easily spread by airborne transmission, horse-to-horse contact and by contact with nasal secretions on equipment, tack, feed and other surfaces. People can spread the virus to horses by means of contaminated hands, clothing, shoes and vehicles.


This disease is not a risk to humans.  


Main APHIS- USDA page:

Excellent APHIS-USDA brochure on EHV-1:


Below are press releases RMR has received from states affected by this outbreak of EHV-1.


June 27, 2011 - Wyoming rescinds 72-Hour EHV-1 Health Certificate for horses Entering the State


June 24, 2011 - Equine Herpes Virus Quarantine Lifted on Gallatin County, MT Horse


June 22, 2011 - EHV-1 Contained in Colorado


June 14, 2011 - Information Meeting on Equine Herpesvirus scheduled in Bozeman, June 16, 2011 - 6-8pm


June 13, 2011 - Colorado State University hosts June 27 Workshop & Webinar on EHV-1


June 11, 2011 - Montana State Vet Reports First Case of Equine Herpes Virus


June 7, 2011 - EHV-1 Update from Colorado State Veterinarian


June 3, 2011 - Nebraska Dept of Agriculture Releases Horse Premises from Quarantine


June 2, 2011 - Pfizer Animal Health Encourages Veterinarian Advice in the Wake of EHM Outbreaks


June 1, 2011 - Oklahoma Equine Herpesvirus Update


June 1, 2011 - Colorado Horse Park Event Cancellations


June 1, 2011 - Colorado State University Accepting All Horse Patient Visits


May 26, 2011 - AQHA World Show Qualifying Period Extended


May 23, 2011 - Nine Confirmed Cases of EHV-1 in Colorado Horses


May 20, 2011 - Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) Confirmed in South Dakota


May 20, 2011 - GallEP Cancels Clinic due to EHV-1 Threat


May 19, 2011 - Arabian Horse Assn Responds to EHV-1 Outbreak


May 19, 2011 - American Paint Horse Assn Responds to EHV-1 Outbreak


May 19, 2011 - Ranch Sorting National Championships begin June 27 in Oklahoma


May 19, 2011 - RMBA Montana Show Cancellations due to EHV-1 Threat


May 19, 2011 - Correction on Wyoming Travel Requirements due to EHV-1 Threat


May 18, 2011 - Five EHV-1 Positive Cases in Utah 


May 18, 2011 - Utah Wild Horse & Burro Festival Rescheduled due to EHV-1 Threat


May 18, 2011 - Wyoming Livestock Board Implements EHV-1 Health Requirements on Horses entering state


May 18, 2011 - AQHA Lowers Qualifying Points for World Show


May 18, 2011 - BLM Klamath Falls Wild Horse Adoption May 20-21 Cancelled


May 18, 2011 - Statement from Colorado State University


May 18, 2011 - Statement from South Dakota State Veterinarian


May 18, 2011 - Colorado Horse Park Responds to EHV-1 Outbreak


May 17, 2011 - Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Fort Collins, CO, is not under Quarantine, but is Restricting Non-Emergency Equine and Camelids From Entering Premises


May 17, 2011 - Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Pullman, WA, is entering a period of Voluntary Isolation for Equine and Camelid Patients


May 17, 2011 - Montana Dept of Livestock Reiterates No Known Cases of Equine Herpiesvirus in Montana


May 17, 2011 - New Transportation Requirements for Horses Traveling to Colorado


May 17, 2011 - National Cutting Horse Assn Herpiesvirus Update


May 17, 2011 - Statement from The Golden Spike Event Center, Ogden, UT


May 17, 2011 - National Appaloosa Show Update


May 17, 2011 - Update on Equine Herpesvirus Confirmed in Two Colorado horses


May 17, 2011 - Montana Dept of Livestock Monitoring Possible Exposures to Equine Herpesvirus


May 16, 2011 - Golden Spike Events Center Responds to EHV-1 Outbreak


May 16, 2011 - Wyoming Livestock Board Immediate Press Release


May 16, 2011 - Statement from Utah State Veterinarian re Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1)


May 16, 2011 - NDA Quarantines Several Horse Premises Due to Potential Contact with Equine Herpesvirus


May 16, 2011 - Cancellation of Montana Cutting Horse Assn events through June 15, 2011


May 16, 2011 - Press Release from Colorado Dept of Agriculture re Equine Herpesvirus


May 15, 2011 - Press release from Montana State Veterinarian re EHV-1 Equine herpesvirus



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