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Rebecca Farm Raises $67,000 to Fight Breast Cancer

2012 Recipients Report Success as 'Halt Cancer at X' Enters 

Second Year of campaign


KALISPELL, MONT. (Sept. 3, 2013) -- Rebecca Farm has announced that it has raised $67,000 through fundraising initiatives in the second year of its "Halt Cancer at X" program. $13,000 was raised through contributions collected from a $5 spectator parking donation at the 12th annual Event at Rebecca Farm, the largest equestrian triathlon in the nation that was held July 24-28. More than $50,000 was raised through pledges collected by competitors and other donations both large and small.


"Like my mom did when she was alive, I take serious pride and ownership in what we have created at Rebecca Farm," said Sarah Broussard, Event organizer. "From competitors who went door-to-door asking for pledges, to the generous community who donated at The Event, I am grateful for the tremendous support so many have given in this endeavor."


The Halt Cancer at X committee is now determining how the funds will be disbursed to both local and national organizations and will announce the 2013 recipients during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.


Last year, $50,000 was awarded to a national research project that seeks to provide the means to more effectively manage breast cancer malignancy.


"Because of the generosity of Halt Cancer at X donations, we can already claim significant and direct contributions to the advancement of our breast cancer research," said Dr. Mario Capecchi, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics and Biology at the University of Utah and a winner of The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2007. "We are grateful for the support of basic research into this disease that still takes far too many of our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends."


In addition to the research grant, Kalispell Regional Hospital Foundation's "Cancer Services Video Series" was awarded $7,500.


"The Introduction to Chemotherapy video was completed and is shown to all new patients starting chemotherapy as part of patient education program," said Lynn Andenoro, MHA, Manager for Northwest Oncology and Hematology Department of Kalispell Regional Medical Center. "Patients and staff members have found the video very informative and motivational. We are very grateful to Halt Cancer at X for making this video project possible."


The Kalispell Regional Hospital Foundation Paul Bass Fund's "One2One for Cancer Survivors" scholarship program also received a $7,500 award in 2012.


One2One Weight Loss at the Summit in Kalispell, Montana started in October 2012 and has had 49 people as members, losing a total of 316 pounds. Five members are breast cancer survivors, and three of these have used the Halt Cancer at X Scholarship.


"More important than the weight loss, One2One members have learned about and integrated the healthy habits required for a long, happy and vibrant life - eating whole foods, getting ample sleep, and being active daily," said Christy Ewing, One2One Program Lead, Certified Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer. "One2One members have overwhelmingly adopted new behaviors and gotten rid of old, unhealthy ones and along the way have become empowered to move closer to being their best self."


"With One2One I have learned about making healthy food choices, mindful eating, eating lean proteins and whole foods, as well as eating enough protein and good carbohydrates to have the energy to work out and carry on with daily life," said a One2One member, currently using the Halt Cancer at X Scholarship. I have made a lifestyle change thanks to One2One and Halt Cancer at X! Thank you for your support."





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