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United Horsemen Reschedules 2nd International Summit of the

 Horse to Focus Resources on Rescue and Rejuvenation and 

Equine Owners Assurance Program


United Horsemen, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the well-being of horses and horse people, announces today the rescheduling of its 2nd International Summit of the Horse from April 2-5, 2012 to January, 2013.

United Horsemen is a 100% volunteer and grassroots organization, supported entirely by the hard working, but economically hard-hit horse industry. The industry is slowly recovering from the perfect storm of overall economic decline, and a horse market crippled by a radical animal rights agenda, namely destruction of the secondary market for horses. United Horsemen is battling back, working to relieve the suffering of thousands of horses rendered worthless, at high risk of abandonment, or subjected to long transportation to other countries where they are no longer protected by U.S. law.

The decision to reschedule was made in order to focus the organization's limited resources on the unprecedented opportunity to benefit the U.S. horse industry: The full implementation of two groundbreaking programs in concert with, and ahead of, the re-opening of USDA regulated horse processing facilities in the U.S.

The first program is the Equine Owners Assurance Program (EOAP) providing horse owners a fail-safe method of permanently identifying horses, allowing all International Equine Business Association (IEBA) processing facilities to scan incoming horses prior to purchase for processing. IEBA is a membership organization formed to mutually protect the horse industry and promote equine products worldwide. The second program is the United Horsemen's Rescue and Rejuvenation Program which provides a second chance for horses with potential for on-going service and for those neglected and starved.

With the renewed opportunity for the USDA to provide inspection for horse processing facilities made possible by Congress a motivated horse industry is moving swiftly, but prudently, to establish humane and regulated enterprises nationally. United Horsemen has advocated and worked to develop high standards of humane horse care, as well as for pragmatic solutions to protect the welfare of horses, as well as the private property rights of owners and businesses to sell horses, and for horses to be used as food animals under regulated conditions. United Horsemen's efforts, in combination with the programs
to be launched by IEBA will provide owners who wish to protect their horses from being stolen and illegally processed with strong protections.

Last week property was secured in Oregon to be used in part as the location of United Horsemen's unique Rescue and Rejuvenation Program. This program will provide horses with service potential that may have been acquired under IEBA protocols for processing with a second chance through training, re-training, and marketing for other purposes. The program responsibly cares for those horses which are neglected and starved and brings them back to health. Horses that cannot be sold for some other purpose will be humanely processed in an IEBA facility. All proceeds from the sale of horses in United Horsemen programs will be used to further the nonprofit purposes of the organization.

In a world of scarce resources, prudent organizations like United Horsemen, just like families and businesses, must make choices about where to focus limited resources to maximize opportunities to meet their mission.

To learn more, or to find out how you can help United Horsemen achieve its purpose, please visit and sign up to receive email updates and alerts.


Contact: Dave Duquette, President, United Horsemen



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